- Next Intake Commencing 30th March 2020 - 

Temple Of She has created a 6 month intensive Yoni Massage Practitioner Training, for women who want more than just a new skill.  


Offering a new gold standard in training to revolutionize the industry and introduce practitioners of the highest possible standard to this field.

This training is for women who have awakened to the reality that service in the Divine Feminine is the key to create change.

Interviews begin 13 November 2019

Training is limited to 8 places only

Prerequisite Requirements


Entering The Temple - 12 Week Immersion


Starting on 20 January 2020


3 Month Wholisitc Online Training

All inclusive 8 Day Retreat Intensive in Bali

(excluding airfares)

3 Month Practical Apprenticeship

2 x 1:1 Private Mentor Sessions

Do you want to create change in your life, shake the spiritual tree and be visible as a woman leading the revolution of the feminine?

Temple Of She Yoni Massage Practitioner Training (YMPT) is based on four key elements.  Each playing an important role in making this training gold standard.  These four elements foster a holistic approach, not only for your clients but also for you as a practitioner.  A gold standard in training requires you to be competent across all areas, revolutionizing the standard for practitioners of sexual bodywork. 


Do you desire to expand your spiritual and sexual self, into dimensions beyond the norm, to get uncomfortable and understand the mechanisms of the Divine Feminine?

View or Download Full Prospectus Here

for more information and in-depth curriculum and requirements


You will learn how to scaffold your clients outside of the physical massage session,

the importance of language, consent, physical space and hygiene.

We are revolutionising an unregulated industry.

8 Day Practical Intensive Retreat - BALI

An opportunity to bring the theory to life.  Bali is an intensive 8 Days, where you will give AND receive four Yoni Massages.  These are all done in a supervised, potent, learning space.


Accompanied by many opportunities for your own exploration of your sexual self, limits, boundaries, consent, reverence, and ritual.  


The practical intensive is all included in the Practitioner Training, the only additional cost is your personal airfares.


Included - 

- Airport transfers

- Private room

- Opening and Closing Ceremonies

- All learning activities and resources

- 3 x meals per day + delicious treats

- Training space available 24hrs a day

- Daily meditation

- 4 x Yoni Massages

- Debriefing and reflection

- Plenty of personal down time

$6997 AUD

Temple Of She

Yoni Massage Practitioner Training

The potency of this work is undeniable, as is the vulnerability.  It is not ok to do a weekend, or even a week long course and call yourself a practitioner.  Holding space for women in this way requires a gold standard in training, ethics, and morals. 

This work requires regulation, clear ethical standards, safety for clients and practitioners.  For this reason, this training is in the process of being certified with the International Institute for Complementary Therapies (IICT).  This requires a yearly insurance fee, which provides you as the practitioner safety in the sexual body working industry.  As well as giving your clients the upmost reassurance they are in safe hands.

Those who are interested in completing the training are invited to book in a Practitioner Training Interview.  This is an opportunity to have all your questions answered, make sure it's the right fit for you, ensure I am the right teacher for you, and that you are the optimal fit for Temple Of She.  

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