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'In this moment, on this breath, in the room in which you are sitting, if you would allow me to, I would like to give you permission, to come out from hiding.'

'To come out, from behind the curtain of your life,
And be here on this breath, unapologetically you.'

I invite you to join us.

Are you ready to immerse yourself in the depths of your Divine Feminine?

In her shadow and her light?

Are you willing to get uncomfortable and have an experience that will create permanent change in your life?

I invite you to join a group of women in Bali for six days of self-exploration.  But not just any self-exploration.  This will be six days that will give you space to put down the masks and see what's underneath.  To explore the power of YOUR feminine, physically,

emotionally and sexually. 

Willing Woman Retreat

Ubud, Bali

April 12th -18th 2020

Women hold a key that they have become terrified to access.  Terrified through prosecution, and sexually repressive shame.  That key unlocks our power, our full presence, and our pussies!

Every woman has a story of when she was ashamed of who she is.  Every woman has had an experience of feeling not worthy.  Every woman holds a belief around her sexual expression.

For centuries women have been burnt, just for being women.  The Willing Woman Retreat is an opportunity to light your own torch.  Set alight all that which no longer serves you.  Tear out all the negative self-beliefs, the shame, the guilt, everything that is stopping you truly expressing yourself as a woman.  

What will you experience on the Willing Woman Retreat?

You will feel a palpable connection with Gaia and all she has to offer.  It is said that Bali is the Sacral Chakra of the Gaia, she knows how to draw it out of you!

You will rediscover your worth and learn how to put the ego in its place, and feel into the path you are meant to be walking.

You will feel a deep connection with other women, ending the bullshit of the sister wound, find a mirror reflecting back your own feminine power.  

You will gain a deeper understanding of who you are sexually, emotionally, and spiritually.  Which alone, will send you home a newly empowered woman.

You will explore the boundaries of your comfort zone, where you are willing to say no for yourself and remember ancient teachings and information about the female body.

You will feel the power of ceremony and self-exploration.

You will go home revived, sexually expressive, and open to limitless pleasure.

You will have the privilege of staying at the incredible Basundari Retreat Centre in Ubud, Bali.  I have chosen Bali, and specifically this venue because it is so deeply held and nurtured by the energy of Gaia.

It will be an honour to welcome you here.  

The Investment

Please note all prices are based on twin share accommodation,

there is a limited number of private rooms available, at an additional cost of $300.

Expired - Super Early Bird Package (ends 31st October 2019)


Early Bird Package (ends December 30th 2019)


Full Price


Please note all payments are automated and on a set schedule

All bookings are secured with a $540 non-refundable deposit

So What's Included?

- 6 nights accommodation

- Welcome to the land sacred water ceremony

- 3 vegetarian meals a day, plus delectable snacks

- Filtered drinking water in every room

- Airport transfers (available only on 12th & 18th)

- 24hr access to the onsite Shala

- 3 swimming pools (also available 24hrs a day)

- All activities, resources and required tools

- Mystery goodie bag on arrival

- A transformational experience in the name of self-exploration




What's not included?

- Airfares to and from Bali

- Travel Insurance

- Spending money

- External excursions, not included in the itinerary

The Willing Woman Retreat will have a combination of activities both on and off the retreat grounds.  The schedule has been designed to nurture your process and allow downtime and integration.  

This is more than just a retreat...

Temple Of She wants to support you in the deepest way possible, to ensure you get the most out of this experience.  

Therefore, included in the cost of the retreat is group retreat preparation online call on the 30th of March.  This is to give you all the knowledge you need to prepare yourself to head into retreat if you have never been n retreat before, it is important to know the preparation for a retreat is just as important as the retreat itself. 

We will then also have a group debrief session online to see where you are at after the retreat, to hold you accountable to what you need and check-in, one month after the retreat is finished. 

Need More Information?

If you would like more information or have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to get in touch.  Please email Amy at amy@templeofshe.com.au


Committing to an experience like this is huge, and it is very normal to start to feel the effects as soon as you pay that deposit.  

This work is for Willing Woman, it will push your comfort zones, it will expand you into new heights, it will allow you to feel like you have never felt before.

And it would truly be my honour to welcome you to the Willing Woman Retreat. 

Willing Woman Retreat.png