Take Back Your Birth

Birth is power Birth is innate

Birth is raw.

Women are born to birth

Born to be powerful

Born to be divine beings, with the power of life


Why suppress? Why fear? Why submit to patriarch?

Stolen, mislead, manipulated, without guidance


Why would nature get it so wrong?

It didn't.

A transition of realms Sacred, special, divine, vital, imprinting

We depend on birth

We depend on medicalisation We depend on greed We depend on ego We depend on blame We depend on fear

Women are born to birth

Born to be powerful

Born to be divine beings, with the power of life

Take it back

Take back your birth Take back your life Take back your power

Sing your birth song


Be who you were born to be

Divine, feminine, power, unfuckwithable.

We know that birth is one of the most ordinary and extraordinary things that takes place in our human existence. As women, we are born with the ability to grow and birth children, and so it has been since the beginning of time. Nothing compares to the privilege of giving life. Birth, like all things, goes through cycles. In the 50’s and 60’s it entered the medicalised zone, where doctors were developing and perfecting their knowledge and obstetric skills, including instrumental deliveries, pain relief, and caesarean section. As always, with knowledge, comes power. The power shift to the medical profession was phenomenal.

Not only in obstetrics but in the health system in general. Doctors are held on a pedestal, and we handed over our power and innate knowledge of our bodies and ourselves to them. Convinced we are not qualified, or experts, they are. As quoted by Dr Marsden Wagner MD, former Director of the World Health Organisation, ‘There is not a good history in obstetric practice of careful study, in the long term effects of interventions. This is why if you really want a humanised birth, the best thing to do is, get the hell out of hospital’. Across the world, in response to this there was another shift, women taking back some of that power. We remembered there was another way. It just doesn’t compute that our bodies and divine creation would get it so wrong. Homebirth was on the rise, normal birth was on the rise and caesarean rates were on the decline.

According to the ancient civilisation of Atlantis, every 5000 years the seat of power switches between the masculine and feminine. The last 5000 years has been ruled by the masculine, which when you think about it, makes sense. The war, the dictatorship, the patriarchal societies and cultural beliefs have dominated. In 2012, this changed. The shift to feminine rule occurred, this means we are moving into a time of the matriarch. This can be seen in the rise of awareness and consciousness of society. The rise in alternative medicine, in knowledge and availability, questioning authority and communities raising their voice. I mention this because I feel it is going to help fuel the shift that is needed in our current maternity system, worldwide.

Again we are becoming medicalised, birth is becoming dangerous, risky and blamed on a ‘higher equity’ of women. Fear is taking precedence in hospitals, and in the practice of doctors and midwives. The indications for continuous monitoring in labour is longer than your arm, 2 hourly reporting to in charge midwives, protect the perineum, fetal scalp clip because the trace isn’t good enough, Doctors coming in just to introduce themselves in case you need them later. Strict time limits on progress and pushing, Induction of labour for advanced maternal age, postdates, low fluid, high fluid, gestational diabetes, big baby, small baby, the list goes on. Peeing in a pan so it can be measured and determined adequate after normal birth, using machines to tell us when you’re contracting, how you’re contracting, if your waters broke, the health of your baby. Everything to possibly detach a woman from her body and her baby. And we wonder why it doesn’t function ‘normally’.

I believe we need to force another shift, embrace the feminine rule of the matriarch and take back birth. Become the intuitive mother you are meant to be, and reclaim your birth. Dictate your care, how and when, work in partnership with your midwife, and equally contribute knowledge and experience to get the birth you and a healthy mother and baby at the end of it all. Choose your birth place wisely, take the time to really research it, feel into, ask questions. Invest your time and energy into developing a relationship with your midwife and birth team, make sure it works for you.

Your body, your birth, your choice.

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