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Hedonistic Queen Interview with Renee Mayne

Healthy, powerful, self- responsible and spiritual sex.

Whole Hearted: Love Sex & Intimacy - The Podcast with Isiah McKimmie

Yoni Mapping, sexuality as part of our spirituality, self-love and more...

I AM BADASS Podcast with Lani Nalu

Our Vagina is Spiritual and Sexual

Chenae Carey Coaching Interview

My experience as a Lead Mentor and my own journey with the Third Level

Hedonistic Queen Interview AGAIN!  with Renee Mayne

We talk all things orgasm, my experience with squirting, talking to kids about sex and what to do with sexual pervs

Good Girls Don't Podcast - Good Girls Don't Explore Their Sexuality

We got down and dirty.  How do we talk to our partners about owning our own vaginas? What trauma does the female body endure around sex and sexuality and how is it released?

Squirting is the new black

A written article published by the Elephant Journal.  An exploration around the "fad" of squirting and the pressure on women to sexually perform.

The first step in change,

is to become aware of your own bullshit.

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Amy Towle is the creator of Temple Of She, a space only for the Willing Woman.  Amy supports women to be practitioners in the revolution of the feminine.  As a Yoni Massage Practitioner and trainer, Certified Intuitive Guide and Registered Midwife, Amy has over a decade of experience working with women in powerful, yet vulnerable exploration.

After experiencing a 21st Century witch hunt within midwifery, Amy felt compelled to explore the untapped power women hold in their pussies.  It was this that held her head above water while she discovered who she really was.  Women hold a key they are terrified to access, that key unlocks their power, full presence and pleasure!

Amy loves to push the envelope, get deep and dirty into the taboos of our world.  She holds your hand while pushing you to get uncomfortable, she’ll hold the mirror while you look at your vulva, and she will also give you one of the best hugs you’ve ever had.

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