So many of us are walking around blind to our innate patterns and cycles. These
rhythms have so much potential to inform us of where we can make true change in our
lives. As well as when actually is the best time for you personally to make decisions, or
have really amazing sex, or feel the safest to open up about my vulnerabilities with a
friend or partner.

This Divine Feminine Mapping Tool was created for all women. We are all cyclic
beings, at all stages of our life. It makes no difference if you are in the maiden,
mother, wild woman or crone, pre or post-menopausal.
This is not about charting your
menstrual cycle.
So many charting tools only cater to this, however, this is not ALL of
womankind (including those who identify as a woman).


Most of us have tried maps, charts and all kinds of tools to track our cycle. Most are
uninspiring and are limited to menstrual cycle, and therefore loose relevance quite
This tool is different. It is designed to give you a greater insight, reveal times
of retreat and times of increased vibration.

This Divine Feminine Mapping Tool is designed to hold you accountable to yourself.
Each day you will reflect, and have an opportunity to be honest with yourself. Really
honest. This is where the changes starts to creep in.

What's in it?

  • 13 months

  • Each month has 35 days to map, then 4 pages of notes for each month to record more information, thoughts, reflections, dreams and any details you need more room for. 

  • This tool looks at archetypes, desires, libido, intuition, orgasms, self-worth, body love, self-pleasure and so much more.  

  • It also covers vaginal secretions, discharge, and lubrication.

  • A detailed explanation of how to use the tool and to familiarise yourself with all aspects to be mapped. 


Available in both electronic PDF and Hard Copy


Divine Feminine Mapping Tool

Electronic PDF

$20.00 AUD


Divine Feminine Mapping Tool

Hard Copy (Incl P&H)

$40.00 AUD

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