At Temple Of She, guided meditations are created to support you to access the Divine Feminine. 


To take you on journey's into places you hesitate to go, corners to clear fear, receive messages, and open to the infinite.

Each meditation is divinely channelled from, and inspired by the Divine Feminine. 


More videos can be found on Temple of She YouTube Channel Click Here >>

Access the Divine Feminine

This is a short guided meditation to take you on a journey through your Yoni and into the portal of your womb space.  There you will meet your Divine Feminine and converse with her. This is a deep, grounding meditation to bring awareness to your womb space.

Divine Feminine Archetype Meditation

This is a guided meditation, that will take you deeper into your discovery of the Divine Feminine. Further into your unconscious mind the negative self beliefs you are harbouring to keep you "safe".  On this journey you will have the opportunity to encounter one of four Divine Feminine Archetypes. The Divine Feminine has many archetypes, these four have been divinely chosen for this experience.