12 Week Immersion

Accessing the power of the Divine Feminine

is the catalyst to a major shift in mass consciousness.

Are you a Willing Woman?

Deep inside every woman is an untapped power.  A source so phenomenal, it has the potential to change every single aspect of her life.  There is a centre within us, a power house, that houses the essence of the Divine Feminine.  

Tapping into this power creates palpable change.   Leaving no stone unturned.  When you activate this power, you step onto the path of being the greatest version of yourself. 

A woman who is discerning, decisive, creative, motivated, unafraid, and most of all awakening.

Making a conscious step to marry your spirituality and sexuality is a move for the Willing Woman.  A woman who is willing to go into the depths of her neatly packed boxes of fear and make a permanent shift. 

Entering The Temple is for you if...

  • You feel there is more to being a woman than the what society tells us and the taboo's we have come to embrace as gospel.

  • You yearn for a space where you can have conversations with no boundaries, no limits, no taboos, no lines to cross.  Just women being open, honest and curious.

  • Deep down inside, you know there is so much more to you, but you just don't know how to access it and express it.

  • You want to learn more about the Divine Feminine, about your bodies potential, energetically and physically.

  • The mysteries of the Divine Feminine intrigue you, when you hear the names of Goddesses, your ears prick up.  When you hear of ancient, sacred rituals and ceremonies around the feminine you yearn to be a part of them.

  • You are looking for a guided, safe space to explore the true nature of your sexuality.

  • You are a Willing Woman, and ready to make a commitment to yourself and your path of awakening. 

 A 12 week fully guided immersion, designed to foster the power of small group mentoring.  With a limited number of places, it includes weekly live tutorials and check ins, an online community to powerfully scaffold you.

Immersion Outline


Getting to know your physical body, intention, language and ethics


The archetypal journey of the woman you have become


What is pleasure?  Understanding the mechanisms that create it, types of orgasm, understanding what brings you pleasure,

and learning how to ask for it

Erotic Roots

Uncovering the story of your erotic roots, and giving it a voice


What are they, where did they come from, how do they play out in your life


Cycles, not just menstrual!, anatomy, strength, and tools to enhance and explore her

Be Initiated into the Temple

Entering The Temple

 12 Week Immersion


What women are saying about the Temple Of She....

Amy  is one of the most authentic woman I have ever met.  Her honest, loving compassionate nature is so palpable that you can’t help but be drawn to her. Her energy is like an all-encompassing hug of pure love.  I felt so supported and held in love throughout the course. It has helped me reconnect with my authentic power. I am ever grateful to know her and learn from her.  I only wish I had this knowledge when I was a young woman.

Amy, thank you from my heart to yours.


Perth, WA

​In one session with the Temple of She I was able to release lifetimes of pain, grief and trauma I did not even know I was carrying. I was permitted to be vulnerable and every fear or hesitation I felt along the way was acknowledged and honoured. This work has changed my life!


Melbourne, Vic

Nobody does Bhuvaneshwari quite like you do. You are a powerful, whole hearted, brilliant, amazing, glorious goddess of a mentor and I am so grateful to work with you. Thank you.


Brisbane, Qld

Holy wow! Words cannot convey just how held you feel in Amy's presence as her skilled touch takes your body on a journey of acceptance, healing, transformation and pleasure. The gifts during the experience were astounding and have been compounding long after my yoni massage. I highly recommend Temple of She to nurture and support your divine feminine. Forever grateful.


Perth, WA

Amy is absolutely incredible. Her power, wisdom and intuition will guide, support and empower you to rediscover your own feminine power and grace.   WORK WITH THIS WOMAN! It will change your life... seriously! 


Denmark, WA

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About Amy Towle

To the Willing Woman,

Hello and welcome to Entering the Temple.  This intensive immersion is a creation directly from the power of my Divine Feminine.  

I am a Yoni Massage Practitioner, Midwife and Intuitive Mentor to Willing Women.  This Immersion contains integral pieces of my discoveries around the Divine Feminine.  

I have spent over 10 years holding space for women to allow the transformation of the womb to take place within them.  And I am honoured to invite you into the Temple to go even deeper, even further into the sacred, ancient mysteries of the womb space.  

It is not enough just to stand and feel good.  We must go further. 

Welcome to the Temple Of She

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Opportunity to continue in your studies with the Temple Of She into the Yoni Massage Practitioner Training

Entering The Temple - 12 Week Immersion is a prerequisite to the

Temple Of She Yoni Massage Practitioner Training

However, this course is for any woman.  It is a stand alone course, with the focus of you.  You do not need to be going on to become a practitioner to complete this course. 

Immersion Investment

Are you ready and willing to embody the greatest version of you?

AUD $795.00

Available as a one off payment

or 3 x payments of $266.00

Entering The Temple Immersion Dates

21st March 2021, Sundays @ 5pm AEST - Registrations Open

13th July 2021, Tuesdays @ 6pm AEST