& Covid - 19

Practitioner Training

The practitioner training is a 6 month program, that has an in person 8 day retreat.  The online component of the training can and will go ahead regardless of changes to state guidelines and restrictions due to Covid-19.  The online component consists of all the online sessions, 1:1 mentoring and assessments. 

Practical Intensive Retreat

- With the structure of this training, an in person retreat is required.  This retreat will be held in Central Queensland.  When booking travel for the retreat it is the students responsibility to ensure you book flexible flights that can be cancelled or changed if restrictions or lock down are enforced at the time of the retreat.  

- If lockdown is enforced before commencement of the retreat, where possible the retreat will be delayed.

- If lockdown is enforced whilst we are on retreat, the retreat will continue until complete and then it is the students own responsibility to find accommodation or travel arrangements to either stay in Queensland until lockdown is complete or return home, bearing the responsibility and cost of any quarantine upon returning home. 

- It is the students responsibility to make the decision to travel and come to retreat.  Without completing the retreat, graduation is not possible. No refunds will be given if retreat is not attended due to reasons other than government enforced restrictions. 

- If the state or country goes into significant prolonged lockdown or restrictions, the training will be changed to the online model and the appropriate money will be refunded accordingly.

- No money will be refunded if you choose to pull out of the training.

- If you can not attend the retreat because your state or area is in lockdown, your retreat cost will be refunded and your training will be changed to the online model so you can complete the requirements and graduate. 

- If you choose to attend the retreat, you are taking personal responsibility for any possibility of quarantine requirements and cost on return home from the retreat.

- The retreat will adhere to hygiene standards, providing hand washing stations, hand sanitiser and encourage mindful touch.  As this is a massage retreat, physical touch is required, if you are not comfortable with this, please do not attend.

- The retreat will also be attended by graduates, who are upskilling, and previous graduates who attended the online training only.  There will also be guest presenters, support people and my personal team of assistance to help with my daughter so I can give you my full attention.

If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to contact Amy here >>