Yoni - Sacred Cave.  A source of unlimited Divinity.  The centre of your Wisdom and Flow.  Worthy of nothing less than worship.

The Holy Grail.

Thank you so much for taking a step towards further embracing your Divine Feminine.  I bow to you for doing something so powerful.  The time has come for the Feminine to rise, and that she does.  All over the globe, women are standing up, coming into their power and healing not only themselves, but their lineage and those to come. 

Who am I?


My name is Amy Towle.  I am an Intuitive Guide, Practitioner of The Intuitive Intelligence Method, Midwife and Sacred Yoni Massage Practitioner.  I completed my Yoni Massage Practitioner training through Mangala Holland of Mystic Sex, Melbourne Australia.  I come to you with 9 years of midwifery experience, where I have held space for women to tap into their wild woman archetype and not only bring forth life, but realise their capabilities.  Those that lie deep within.  For me, Yoni Massage is an extension of that, and is an incredible tool to now work with all women to connect with a deep presence.  Something so powerful it creates shifts, on many levels from the subtle to the life changing.  I bring a very nurturing and grounding presence to my work, as I work very closely with Gaia, Mother Earth. 


What is a Yoni Massage?

A Yoni Massage is a full bodied session that goes for approx. 2-2.5hrs.  We begin with a discussion of where you are at, your intention for the session and anything you feel you need to discuss.  We begin with a full body massage, allowing you to fully drop into the space and start to conjure the divine feminine energy.  Each session includes full body massage, including breasts and internal yoni massage and healing.  Nothing is done without your full-bodied, complete consent.

What is the aim of a Yoni Massage?

There is no aim with a Yoni Massage.  Nor is there a goal.  Some women may orgasm, however this is not pushed for.  A Yoni Massage is an energetic experience.  It is a method of release and healing.  In a Yoni Massage you may experience the energy of the Divine Feminine.  This is a flow of source so pure and unique, that it enables strong release and the ability to tap into stored trauma, thought patterns, beliefs, past life contracts, and clear lineages of self destruction.  As the flow runs through your body you may experience waves, vibrations, pulse, or the deep tantric release of implosion.

Who should have a Yoni Massage?

Every woman on this earth should experience a Yoni Massage in their lifetime.  It brings you back to the deep awareness of who you are as a female being on this earth.  It brings awareness to your Yoni, what it is capable of, what you are capable of, what you feel like, what pleasures you and what doesn't.  It brings connection to you voice, to your truth and your inner strength to speak it.  The only time you should not have a Yoni Massage is if you have n active STI, or do not feel comfortable having one.  It is safe to have a Yoni Massage in pregnancy, but care must be taken around the cervix.  If you are menstruating, it can be a very powerful time to have Yoni Massage. 

What a Yoni Massage is not -

A Yoni Massage can be a sexual experience, it has tantric roots, however the way I practice, it is not done with the intention of sexual practice.  My method does not focus on de-armouring, although there will be elements of this to aid release.  Yoni Massage involves no penetration of anything other than the practitioners fingers, and again this is only done with full consent and done in a way to enable healing.




C O  D E   O F   C O N D U C T

As a woman; I vow to be in reverence of your journey.  The goddess in me, honours the goddess in you.  I take great privilege in holding space for you to heal, connect and activate your Divine Feminine.  These words shape who I am as a practitioner, my approach and regard for you and your Yoni.






Holy Grail


Divine Feminine

Fully Supported

Gaia x

I bow to you, and would be honoured to hold space for you x





Please note:  I am a Registered Midwife, however Yoni Massage is not a Midwifery service.  I do not offer any private midwifery services as a Registered Midwife.  For this reason I do not offer Yoni Massage to women who are pregnant or in the immediate postpartum period.  I have knowledge from my midwifery career on anatomy and physiology, and some understanding of your birth experiences, but please understand I am not offering this, or any other service as a Midwife.