Welcome to my 21 Day Activating the Womb online program.  I am so honoured to share this work with you.  This was a program I birthed to support women who worked with me, to go deeper into what surfaced during our sessions.  Then I realised the power of this program, and wanted to take it bigger!  This program will take you deep.  Deep into what you are harbouring to keep you 'safe'.  To keep you from stepping out of the comfort zone.


This is a program for the willing woman.  A woman who is willing to face her fears, muster her courage and realise her potential.  A woman who is unafraid to make the step to combine her spiritual growth with her sexual growth.  The Temple Of She is all about the marriage of spirituality and sexuality.  Tearing the taboo's around our bodies, our pleasure, and our divinity. 


The 21 Day Activating the Womb program, is an online, facilitated program.  It will be personally facilitated by me, Amy Towle, founder and creator of Temple Of She.  


How does it work? 


Over the 21 days, your are requested to make a commitment.  A commitment to yourself and to your growth.  In doing this you are required to show up.  This is an opportunity for you to reap the rewards of accountability. 


- This program consists of 3 x 7 day practices.

- There will be one facilitated online group sessions per week.  

           - All online sessions are at 7pm, and will be 60mins.

           - Sessions will be on Sundays, bar the last week when the last session will be on the final Sunday.


- The sessions will be an explanation of the practice, why we are doing it, what to expect, and a full facilitation of the practice as a group.   

- Attendance is required to participate in the program.  However as life does happen, recordings will be made available to the group.  


You will be added to an exclusive, private Facebook group to ask questions, post your experiences, and connect with the other women in the program.  Participation in this group is completely up to you.  I will be doing LIVE video's in this group throughout the 21 days. 


All online sessions will be facilitated via ZOOM.  You will be sent a link to set this up upon registration. 


What you need?


- Good internet connection

- A hand held mirror of some description

- A sacred space to do your practices in

- Commitment to the group and to yourself

- To be willing



2019 Program Dates

- February 3rd to 24th - Registrations Now Open


Registrations now open for 2019 intake, each program is limited to 10 women.




Full Price for the 21 Day Activating the Womb Program - $195.00



"Amy is one of the most authentic woman I have ever met.

Her honest, loving compassionate nature is so palpable that you can’t help but be drawn to her. Her energy is like an all-encompassing hug of pure love. Amy’s 21 day Womb Activation Course is life changing. I felt so supported and held in love throughout the course. It has helped me reconnect with my authentic power. I am ever grateful to know her and learn from her.  Every woman must do the 21 Womb Activation Course. I only wish I had this knowledge when I was a young woman.

Amy, thank you from my heart to yours."

Eileen, Perth WA